Didsbury Arts Festival

Didsbury Arts festival is a volunteer led multi arts festival celebrating creative culture in Didsbury, through working with local, national and international artists. 

We are a biennial festival. The next edition will take place from 22 June - 30 June 2019. The festival theme will be Roots. If you would like to join the 2019 team, please get in touch.

There is a difference between a border and a frontier.

Today’s edge is a gift – this twisting river with its herons and gulls and verdant edges. Even though we must raise our voices over the motorway’s roar, today’s boundary is what nature offers. The other kind, the straight red line, is something else – invented by lawyers in search of certainty: a line between yours and mine; between in and out.

It has everything and nothing to do with language. What you think is rural, I think is urban. What you think is here, I think is there. Didsbury Golf Course lies in Northenden; Northenden Golf Course in Didsbury. Our words do not follow the map.

Stand on the border and you might just – for a moment – disappear; slip between one line of sight and another. Stand on the frontier and anything might happen.



Thanks to Andreas for joining me on the walk